Videos of Animal Crossing players and Tom Nook amusing many netizens

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Animal Crossing: Tom Nook in New Horizons is a notorious civet cat who runs the player’s island in Animal Crossing. Although Tom doesn't express emotions often, this fan's creative clip shows that he was frightened when he saw the clone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons officially became popular in 2020 and has obviously become the main content of popular culture. Many Animal Crossing villagers have gained their own fans, and some of them can even be used as Build-A-Bear plush toys. Although most villagers are known for their quirky personalities, an island resident has gained a darker reputation. Tom Nook will help players open shops on the island and provide them with most of the opportunities to upgrade houses and houses, but everything is paid for. Many players regard it as an opponent, so you will also see it as the object of ridicule in many videos.

The video posted by sarah_azy to Reddit is already very hot, showing players wearing bear hats entering the residential service building on the island. In the video, sarah_azy looks a lot like Tom or his sons Timmy and Tommy. When sarah_azy sat down and forced Tom to come and help her, he was obviously shocked, and he spits out a few choice spells. Of course, this part of the video is fabricated, because Tom Nook's pre-programmed answer does not include this playful language. But the content of this video is very interesting and made other players laugh.

Other players on Reddit seem to be amused by this video as well. Some people mentioned that Nook might think that the player skinned one of his sons and put their heads on as a hat, which is a pathological retaliation for all the high prices of Nook Inc.

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