You can pick from small, medium and large frames

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The frame as well as the ship is going to be made out of OSRS Items wood. You are able to choose any kind of wood, except Magic. The frame must be purchased at the bar or the person in charge, and then get the materials. Similar to construction.

You will require Planks (Of the type of wood you are building your vessel out of) A nail, hammer and saw. The frame can come in three sizes. You can pick from small, medium and large frames. Small frames cost 10k, medium frames 50k large frames are 100k, and medium frames 50k. Then you begin nailing the planks on to the frame until you've finished the frame.

There will be about 100 planks total to finish the outside of the boat. You can add another boat to your collection as you progress at a higher level. You can increase size of your boat, or purchase more than one boat. Consider it. You could have an entire fleet of boats under your control (if you're rich).

Once you've finished the exterior of your vessel, you are now able to begin the interior. It is possible to hire a crew to construct decks, crew cabins (Crews will be discussed later) and various rooms (Most types of construction rooms).

This can be accomplished using plansks or bars made of Buy OSRS Fire Cape metal. A wheel that comes with the frame is an important tool. Once you get that done you are able to climb the ladder and begin creating rooms. The tiny ship (Formerly the frame) is equipped with a lower deck.


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